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Convert visitors into buyers – with the social proof tool for more conversions!

Increase your conversion by up to 400% with scarcity, urgency and credibility.

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27 different notification types

Choose from a range of 27 different notification types and harness the power of psychological triggers to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Easy setup and integration on any website

60 seconds setup


without credit card

Install Pixel

One line of code


Set up/customize


Starting with the Business Pro plan, you get access to a selection of 27 different notification options that you can use specifically for effective lead generation.


The Business Pro Plan includes six dynamic collectors that are specifically designed for efficient lead generation to optimize your customer retention and conversion rate.

Bar strip

From the Business Pro plan onwards, you have a total of four bar bars at your disposal, which can be placed both at the top and bottom of your website.


Easily and quickly adapt the widget to your brand colors and fonts.


From the Business Plan onwards, a statistics function is available that shows how effective the WidgetKit used is.


With the Manager Pro Plan you can remove the jog690 branding and replace it with your own.

Free introductory phase!

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Notification preview

Select the notification, click on it and display a live preview.



Fully customizable information message for your users.


The best way to inform your users that they should buy now.

Live counter

Show your visitors how many people are on your website to create more trust.

E-Mail Collector


Easily collect emails and generate leads from your users.


Show social trust by displaying your latest conversions on your website.

Conversion counter

Build social trust by showing how many recent conversions you have achieved.


Simply display a small widget with an informative YouTube video.

Social Share

Let others share your content and generate more traffic.


Display reviews/experience reports from your customers to create social trust.

Emoji feedback

Emoji Feedback, an interactive way for your users to give you feedback for your website.

Cookie notification

Inform your users about the use of cookies on your website.

Score Feedback

The easiest way for your users to give you points feedback.

Request Collector

With our Requesst Collector, collecting leads has never been easier.

Countdown Collector

Create urgency and a sense of missing out with a countdown timer for lead generation.

Custom HTML

Fully customizable notification widget.

Info bar

Fully customizable information bar for the top or bottom of the website.


Display a small widget with an informative image of your choice.

Collector Bar

Collect emails or leads without distracting users.

Coupon bar

Simple bar at the top/bottom of the website to provide your visitors with a voucher.

Button bar

Bar at the top or bottom of the website to show your visitors advertising with a button.

Modal Collector

Collect leads with an appealing and large modal window.

Modal Two Collector

Collect leads with an attractive and large modal window.

Call to action

Increase awareness and CTA with a good-looking modal window.

Text feedback

Gather insights from your users quickly and easily.

Engagement links

Display all important links with this widget.

WhatsApp chat

Display a subtle chat widget that links to your WhatsApp number.

Contact us

Display a widget notification with your contact details.

Since integrating the Social Proof Tool on our website, I have seen an impressive 30% increase in conversion rates. My visitors are now informed in real time when someone buys a product or leaves a review, which obviously increases trust in my offer. I can highly recommend this solution to any online business!

– Angela, store for design solutions

The social proof tool has proven to be indispensable for our online marketing. It’s amazing to see how the on-site notifications not only increase engagement, but also help speed up our customers’ decision making. The tool is user-friendly and the support is excellent. Ideally suited to increase conversion.

– Charly, online sauna store

I was skeptical at first whether a social proof tool would really make a difference, but I am now convinced! The display of current inquiries, purchases and reviews has increased our credibility and social validation enormously. Our customers feel encouraged in their purchase decision, which ultimately leads to higher sales. This tool is a clear recommendation for any online business.

– Peter, pool construction

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Frequently asked questions

Is Conversion Boost compatible with every website?

Absolutely. Conversion Boost can be seamlessly integrated into any type of website, regardless of the platform used to create it or the individual HTML programming. All you have to do is embed the code in your page and you’re ready to go.

How does Conversion Boost promote trust and increase registrations and sales?

Conversion Boost relies on the psychological trigger of the “Fear of Missing Out”, also known as FOMO. Conversion Boost’s notifications are designed to demonstrate social proof, urgency and trustworthiness. This helps to increase trust and significantly boost leads and sales figures.

With integrated tracking capabilities, you gain valuable insights into your users’ behavior and the performance of your links, which is essential for optimizing your marketing strategy based on data. By creating a customized BioLink page that reflects your company branding, you create a consistent and trustworthy brand experience that makes your business stand out in the digital space. By targeting SEO optimization of your BioLink page with relevant keywords, you can increase your brand’s online visibility and ensure that your target audience can easily find you in search engine results.

Is programming knowledge necessary to use Conversion Boost?

Not at all. Conversion Boost is designed to be easy to use even without technical expertise. Integrate the code you receive on your website as indicated. If there are any problems in this regard, please contact our support team by e-mail.

Do I need a credit card to register?

No, a credit card is not required for registration. You have the opportunity to test our tool extensively without any financial commitment. If you decide to make a purchase after the test period, you can make the payment securely and conveniently via PayPal or Stripe. For further details on payment methods and the purchase process, please refer to our Terms of Use.

What types of companies is Conversion Boost suitable for?

Conversion Boost is universally applicable and has proven to be effective in EVERY niche market. Whether e-commerce, software and SaaS, coaching services, marketing agencies, real estate companies, travel portals, providers of information products, etc.
Conversion Boost has been proven to improve conversion rates for all types of online businesses.

Do you offer customer support and how can I reach you?

Of course we are there for you! Our customer support team is available for you within 24 hours. If you have any questions or need support, simply send an e-mail to and we will take care of your request immediately.

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